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I make things. Mostly animations. I also draw and work on a graphic novel I wish to publish some time in the future. I love Sakura Haruno more than my own girlfriend.


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Posted by Jozarto - December 14th, 2018


Detailed Fight Animations:

1 minute: $60
2 minutes: $80
3 minutes: $100

I am very flexible, and I'm willing to work with your budget if you have one. Pricing also depends on how complicated you want the fight to be, and how flashy.

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.....for sprite animations?

For sprite animations......

I mean they aren't the worst I've seen, nice effects and all.....

Realistic pricing?

1 minute : $5
2 minutes :$8
3 minutes $10

work your way up dude.

Yeah no. I've been offered more than that. I used to work with AnimationRewind. He paid me $110 for a 5 minute fight, and $80 for others. NarutoExplained pays me $60 for one minute. Thats what they offered me, not what I charged them. So thats what I decided to base my prices around. Take a look at my Sakura vs Hinata animation. Thats my best work to date. I can do more than what was shown in my short commissions, but that is what they asked me to do in the script. So I did it. Then again they're pretty biggish youtubers who make plenty of money so...

But as I said before. I am flexible and I'm willing to work with you and adjust the prices. I don't want to come off as greedy but these are the prices I'm used to.

@eddythanoob be aware that even with my shit tier animations (not gonna link em because im not here to advertise) 10 seconds takes around an hour to make, even more if they have multiple moving elements. lets not forget sound design. and even then it has a speed of 8 fps, this dude makes some pretty neat content so its not your decision on who much he prices his work. if you dont like it. find someone else then

@eddythanoob @Jozarto Huh. I understand, myself I would expect less from a sprite animation. A animated short of a OG character or something seems like it would draw in more cash to me but that's cool. Good luck to ya.

I guess that makes sense. But what they pay me, is a fraction of what they make when they get their ad revenue and all that from views. Now if people aren't able to pay that much, I can be flexible. I know what its like to commission people for things.

@EatASnickrz. Aware? oh yes I am aware, I didn't say he was absolute shit did I? no, said it is nice and all. The prices seemed unrealistic to me, like who the fuck would pay $60 for a sprite animation, regardless of expertise and the like? I was merely shocked anyone would pay for such a thing, I figured if anything someone would pay for an og character animation or something fighting a desired cast from whichever show/anime.

Never wanted an animation in the first place, just curious, So if you don't like my comment meant for the author sod off.


You'd be surprised how many people want these things on Youtube. The debate and versus battle community is huge. I was shocked how much i was offered as well, because I never thought it was that serious. But it is. So I joined that community.

@eddythanoob In what world does a 1 minute sprite animation cost 5 dollars? Please link me to any animators who would do this, cuz I'm about to buy like 50 commissions